Friday, July 30, 2010

Saving Money on Produce


One of my favorite ways to save money on produce is Bountiful Baskets. Bountiful Baskets is an amazing food co-op that has pick up sites in Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Texas.

The baskets are a 50-50 offering of fruits and vegetables. I pay $15 plus a $1.50 fee each week that I order, and I love what I get. We have received an amazing array of fruits and vegetables every week and have saved lots of money. It also keeps our family on target with eating food that is healthy. The variety is great and allows me to learn to cook new veggies. If it wasn't for Bountiful Baskets I probably never would have tried Swiss Chard, baby bok choy, acorn squash and kale (love kale chips!)among others. It is also a great opportunity for my son and husband to try new vegetables and fruits.

Another cool aspect of Bountiful Baskets is you can purchase different healthy baked goods. This varies week by week as well. My faves so far have been the 7 grain breads (super tasty and freezable) and tortilla packs (an amazing deal and also freezable). We have also picked up some amazing cookies and cool cookie decorating kits during the holidays.

If you are in any of the states served, you should totally check it out at Bountiful Baskets. Each place has a set ordering time. For example in Arizona, I order on Tuesdays between 9 am on Tuesdays and 10 pm on Wednesdays until the slots are filled. For the most part, I order on Tuesday so I don't miss out. Truly I love being a part of this.

Oh...and did I mention that our pick up is 7:00 am. This is great for me because it forces me to get my lazy bum out of the bed on Saturdays and get a little light cleaning done before my husband wakes up.
Don't worry though. All pick up times vary too. :)


  1. I really wish we had something like that here. maybe we do but I just dont know it. I should really look into it. I'd love fresh fruits and vegetables delivered every week.

  2. It is really amazing. You should do a google search for your area. I found ours by looking up food co-ops for Arizona. I am absolutely thrilled with it! It really helps us save a lot of money on veggies and it keeps us eating fresh. :)